10 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

Are you more into keyboard printing than mouse clicks and scrolls? I am. That’s why I’ve created a checklist of key Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts for us who use the browser as one of the most important tools.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Open New Tab: CTRL + T
  2. Open New Window: CTRL + N
  3. Scroll down on a page: SPACE
  4. Scroll up on a page: SHIFT + SPACE
  5. Mark all the text in the URL: CTRL + L
  6. Switch to the Right Tab: CTRL + TAB
  7. Switch to the Left Tab: CTRL + SHIFT + TAB
  8. Close active tab: CTRL + W
  9. Close all tabs: CTRL + SHIFT + W
  10. Open Incognito Window: CTRL + SHIFT + N

You can find more shortcuts here at Google.

With practice, print and discipline, it will stick.

Feel free to print our to-do list so you can also be more efficient and mouse-friendly.

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