3 Good Advice when older people need a New Phone

You will get 3 good tips here if your grandparent has asked you to help them buy a mobile phone for them.

If you have one or more grandparents who have come a long way and is up in the years, you are probably used to the questions of all the technical. You are asked about online banking, iPad and the new washing machine.

Many of our older family members and fellow citizens generally leave everything that smells the least of technique to the younger people. And then it happens that your old grandmother wants a mobile phone. She asks you for help, before going out to buy the next piece of technology.

Is the new owner of the phone visually impaired? If so, a modern smartphone is very useless with all its many small app icons, small shift type and lots of colors. Be sure to choose a special smartphone with extra high contrast and few and clear icons on the screen.

Does the phone’s new owner have weak fingers and joints? Then it is not a good idea with neither touch screen nor small keys. Instead, choose a traditional elderly mobile with large, clear and mechanical keys.

Protect your phone. We can all lose our mobile on the ground, but the risk is higher for older people who are not as strong anymore. Therefore, it is important that you choose an extra solid phone – possibly. a “craftsman model”. You can also supplement your mobile with a good cover. There are many places where you can shop covers online – a example would be Amazon. Otherwise, stores like Bestbuy also have a large selection if you want to feel how the cover feels before you buy it.

The benefit of your grandparents becoming mobile

Eg. many elderly cars have a safety button built in. This is activated by a single tap, which immediately sends an alarm message to one or more relatives with the current GPS location of the phone. A safety-creating security if the accident should be out.

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