4 Places you should turn off your Mobile

It is not always enough to put the mobile on silent – turn it off completely when you are sitting or going to the cinema.

When did you last receive a mobile call that was so important that under no circumstances could it wait an hour or two? It happens very few times, so why not show your surroundings something more presence, by turning off the mobile and being present?

Here are 4 places you can easily show consideration and presence by turning off the mobile:

In The Cinema – Many cinemas reminds people to put the mobile on silent before the movie begins. But what helps if the person in front pulls the phone up and starts reading and answering messages. The light from the phone alone is enough to bother.

At a meeting – you often see participants who have probably put the phone on silent, but still the phone is lying on the table in front of them. This makes it tempting to check emails or social media. Turn off your mobile and show the other meeting participants that you are committed and interested.

In the car – most people know that they should not use a handheld mobile phone. Although they have invested in a hands-free set, many are tempted to check out the latest SMS and maybe even answer it while looking at the mobile phone and out of the windshield. Turn it off! It is your own and others’ lives you are gambling with.

At the cafe – many just choose to update Facebook with today’s menu – but every time you check out the mobile you are less present to the people in your company. Show friends and family respect and let the cell phone be off or silent in the bag.

What do you mean? Has it gradually become socially accepted to sit with the mobile in your hand always? When do you think you should turn off your phone?


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