5 tips for more battery life on your Android phone

Today’s smartphones do not hold battery much more than a single day. And sometimes not even that long.

But with a few fifs it is possible to squeeze a lot more juice and power out of the Android phone. It just requires installing a few different applications and pressing a few individual buttons.

1. Use the ‘Power Control’ application

There is a lot of battery life to download by turning off all the features that are not currently used. For example, few people need WiFi while they are driving, or GPS while in the office.

On most Android phones is a widget called ‘Power Control’.

The small widget lets you turn on / off virtually any feature of the mobile phone, from Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS, to brightness and synchronization – right from the home screen.

2. Customize your mail setup

Push mail, where the phone is constantly pushing new emails to the phone, is something of a power switch.

Therefore, it is a good idea to set the mobile phone only to download mails every hour or less.

3. Adjust the screen brightness

A large power outlet on smartphones is the, often large, screen.

And often you do not need to have full brightness on the screen.

Under ‘Settings’ and ‘View’ you will find ‘Brightness’, where the strength can be set to automatic, or set further down in strength. Here is a great power saving to retrieve.

4. Smart Power Saver apps

Besides the fact that you can manually choose which functions you need right now, there are also applications that do the work for you.

5. Download and update applications while charging

It makes sense to make all downloads while your mobile is in the charger. In this way, WiFi does not drain the mobile.

So try to schedule all downloads for when the cell phone is in the charger and at the same time connected to a fast WiFi hotspot.

In addition to the above tips, it may be a good idea to invest in an extra battery or a charger for the car so that the transportation time can be used efficiently.

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