5 Tips that make your smartphone more secure

The mobile is a small pocket computer with lots of personal information. We have gathered five quick tips that make your smartphone more secure.

We are carelessly with security on our smartphones. And even though viruses are not so widespread that you need to worry about it, there are precautions to be taken to be more secure in the mobile life.

Often, users forget how much personal information the smartphone actually contains.

The question one fails to ask is; “Will I be able to lose my mobile without getting sad, for example, the missing pictures” and “Will I be able to show my phone to my boss or friends, without getting nervous about whether they find something that you dont want them to know”?

In our days where everyone is on Facebook, only a few clicks are needed before an unfortunate picture or a confidential mail is spread to the friends.

Below are five small everyday tips.

Five tips for a more secure smartphone

1. Make sure there is code on the SIM card.

The code prevents strangers from using your number and talking on your phone bill, for example. the cell phone was stolen and the SIM card inserted in another phone.

2. Put code on the mobile.

Most mobiles can be set to ask for a code before it can be used. Some models have the option of making the code delayed so that it, for example, must first be specified after 15 minutes.

3. Don’t forget your mobile on the cafe table.

Even if your friends stay in the cafe while visiting the bar, you can never be sure what happens to your content when you turn your back to it. Forwarding of personal content made by friends is a far greater risk than getting viruses on the mobile.

4. Don’t loan your mobile phone to others.

If you have personal content, which you have with guarantee, then dont loan out your mobile – at least not without you constantly having it under supervision.

5. Enable security software.

If you have an iPhone, be sure to download and activate “Find My iPhone” which allows you to GPS track your mobile from your computer, as well as to remotely lock and remotely remove the device. Similar apps are also available for Android phones that you can find in the Android Market

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