Avoid the classic Mistakes when you Blog

For a while, I was asked what mistakes I most often see bloggers commit. And of course you should not be cheated for this knowledge.

If you are aware of the pitfalls of blogging, you can easily navigate around and it should give a better experience of blogging.

Your content is boring

A very classic mistake is that you use your blog as a diary. Here you write column and split down on your everyday life and what you just have at heart. The problem is, it’s boring to everyone else than yourself and your family.

And no, I certainly should not be a judge and the web has (as a starting point) room for everyone. But it does not hurt that once you stop and ask yourself whether a post should have been published at all. In this way, one learns to relate critically to his speeches, and it raises the quality. This applies not only to bloggers but to anyone who publishes to the web.

You think visitor numbers and comments come by themselves

Many bloggers start by being inspired by other blogs with high visitor numbers and many comments. You also want to have it yourself, but unfortunately, high visitor numbers and many comments do not come by themselves. It requires hard work.

It is not impossible to get high visitor numbers, but it requires that the knowledge of your blog becomes widespread. Start by spreading the link in your network and then use the time to write some good and relevant blog posts. Readers want quality so give them quality.

With good and relevant texts on the blog, the readers want to comment. That way, it all hangs together and then remember to be present in the comments yourself. Take the time to respond when someone has posted you a comment. It is only reasonable.

You rarely update

Here the sheep are separated from the bucks. And yes, here at WP-Guiden.dk we admit it and lay down flat. We update too rarely, but the short of the long is that if you want to keep a regular readership, you have to have something for them with a fixed interval.

It can be difficult to say how often you need to update. On the other hand, it is quite easy to see when you have been absent long enough. Use it to find an appropriate update rate so you can keep your reader.

You forget the red thread

A red thread is always important, whether you write an esay , a report at work or updating your blog. Changing the topic from to talk about dog food for one day, and the go on talking about IT and computers, the red thread will be destroyed. You need to keep the red thread, otherwise you confuse your readers and they lose their interest.

It’s about choosing from the beginning an interesting topic that you would like to write about. It can be dogs, computers or WordPress. Just one, (basically) stick to one topic.

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