Customizing your website in WordPress

How to edit your website and make your own customization of WordPress

You can find your website at, where instead of you have to use the domain you bought.
By logging in ( with your username and password, WordPress will automatically redirect to the front of the administration panel from which you can change and add to your website.

Now you can manage “almost” everything on your website:

  • Write a post / Create a category
  • Create static pages / Contact forms etc.
  • Change your site settings
  • You can choose the look (Templates / Themes)
  • Download and install new plugins to get more features on your site
  • Respond and approve your visitors comments

Every time you’ve made some changes to your site, it’s a good idea to go to “” and see how the changes look to the rest of the world. If you have made changes to posts or on a page you will find a preview button which can be used with advantage.

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