Does fresh content give better rankings on Google?

For many years, Google has pointed out that new, fresh content is better ranking on Google, but does it really have an effect? Although we can’t figure this out 100%, we know that Google uses some of these techniques to fix placements. Freshness can therefore be an important signal to send and pay attention to if you want to improve your site’s ranking on Google.

Here are some good rules to follow in relation to Google Fresh Factors, which Google may use to determine the freshness of your content:

  1. Don’t update your website just to update. It doesn’t give you better results. Instead, update your content whenever you want to update so that your visitors get a better experience and more click their way to your website. That way you can get new, fresh links to your website.
  2. Create new content on a regular basis. Of course, new content has a greater freshness factor than older content, so it is important to create new content continuously.
  3. It is not just a website or domain age that can affect the freshness – also the amount of change plays a role. Small changes in an already written article are more likely to be ignored by Google than if you make big changes. If you update a link in an article, you often need to update the corresponding text to get an effect from the fix. The more you change in a text, the greater the effect on freshness.
  4. Freshness signals do not have to come from the website itself. External signals may also indicate freshness, such as links. If a website experiences getting more links, it may signal relevance to Google. However, it should preferably be a natural increase over time – a steadily increasing curve of links is better than creating links in waves.
  5. Although it is good to get links, it also has significance where these links come from. Links from pages that themselves have a high freshness factor can increase the freshness of the pages they link to. Links from fresh pages will thus be worth more than links from old pages that have not been changed for several years.
  6. Work to get people to stay on your site and use your content to get more clicks and create a better user experience. This also has a role to play in relation to your website’s fresh factor, which may impact your ranking.

Fresh Factors can thus influence how well you rank in Google’s search results, and it is therefore important to be aware that your website gets new, fresh links and content elements.

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