How to avoid Stressing over your Phone

If you constantly check your mobile for mails and Facebook updates, it may end up giving you stress.

If you are the type who should constantly check your mobile phone to see if new messages, important emails from your work, or adorable cat pictures on Instragram have come, then you may need to slightly lower your consumption.

Several experts and stress clinics report an increase in stressed patients, where the mobile is mentioned as one of the direct stress-inducing causes.

If you want to avoid extra stress on top of the Christmas rush, here are a few simple tips that can help a little on the road.

Make “media time” where you need to check your phone

Prepare some fixed times in advance, where you give yourself free blows on the mobile, in that way you will probably also achieve being more present with the people you are with.
We probably all know the friend in the cafe who cannot leave the phone alone, but all the time, just need something on the mobile. In this way you also avoid feeling that you MUST respond to the work mail ticked in at. 21.30, which is also likely to wait with answers for the next day.

Turn off notifications

If you have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and similar social apps installed on your phone, you may be risking pop-up notifications every second moment you have to check.
Optionally, turn off the notifications on these services and then check your profiles, in your scheduled media time.

Avoid the phone in the bedroom

Many have the habit of checking their phone as the last before they go to bed. It’s generally a really bad idea. The light that your screen emits from the mobile phone gives the signal to the brain that the day is now starting and you will therefore have more difficulty falling asleep if you have just checked Instagram recently.
Instead, put your charger in another room, use an old-fashioned alarm clock to get up in the morning, and get a good night’s sleep, without disturbance.

Try to follow the rules a few weeks, and see if you can feel a difference in your everyday life.

If you have some good personal experiences, please share them in the comments below.


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