How to Defragment a Mac Hard Drive

When files are saved, modified, and deleted, file attributes can be split up, or “fragmented” into the computer’s disk space, slowing down your system. You can defragment the hard drive to get things moving again. The article refers to Mac OS 9 and earlier. If you are interested in Fixing File Rights in OS X, please visit see the related eHow in the Resources area.

Things you need:

  • Zip Drive (Iomega)
  • Mac Hard Drive
  • Mac OS 


  1. Copy the contents of your hard drive disk (usually just the documents) to an external drive, such as a Zip or optical drive.
  2. Make sure the files have been copied securely.
  3. Trash the files you copied
  4. Copy the files back from your external drive. They will come back to your hard defragmented drive.

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