How To Fix A Heat Problem With An iMac G5

The iMac G5 has a cooling system, but if your computer is running hot, it may be necessary to install a third-party fan-control program. A fan-control app can adjust your fan speed. If you are using CPU or GPU intensive programs, your cooling system may not be able to keep up with the heat generated by G5. A third-party fan control program monitors the temperature of your G5 and allows you to adjust fans to a higher output setting.


  1. Download a fan control and temperature monitoring program, such as SMC Fan control.
  2. Double-click the software folder and drag the “Applications” folder icon to install it. Confirm that the program is in the Applications folder.
  3. Start the application. Choose one of two options, show the temperature in different areas of your computer, and choose the speed of your fans. There are many fan programs so the exact process will vary.
  4. Use the slider or drop-down menu to turn up the fan speed for your G5. The faster your fan is, the more it cools down your system. Set the fan speed to the maximum to keep your system cool during game or video editing.

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