How to fix the most troublesome router problems: Access for guests

How do you handle security if neighbors or guests need temporary access to your network? Get help solving the issues in the TroubleTechTuna’s new series of the most annoying router issues.

Nowadays, it is imperative to have access to wireless broadband both at home and at work.

Nevertheless, the regular wireless gateway / router has not yet been developed to perfection.

We look at a number of the most annoying issues with routers – and come up with good recommendations for solving them.

Temporary wireless access
The problem: If you have guests or greedy neighbors, will you really give them permanent access to the whole network? Even if you trust everyone in the network, can you be sure that security is in the top? (Does the neighbor borrow, for example, his laptop next to the teenager in the house?)

If you give your router password to a guest, then you also have to change the information again when he leaves the house or office – and that is annoying.

Possible solutions: It is a good idea to instead offer others a temporary guest access which gives them access to the Internet. But don’t give them access to other things on the network, such as shared drives or printers.

Suppliers have begun to add the option in the routers in different ways. For example, Belkin offers the option of choosing “Hotel-style”, which means that guests are directed to a special website where they must write their guest password. Other vendors make it easy to set up a separate wireless network that can be used by the guests. However, this is not easy if you use Apple’s Airport Express. Here there is no possibility for guest access.

Best Available Routers: The USB key that you can create with Cisco’s choice can also help in this case. You can use it to run an automated setup routine (rather than through the regular interface) on each of its guest computers. After doing so, it will create a separate wireless network with special names and passwords that only access the network.

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