How To Set Up Your Mac Laptop For A New Scanner

Want to email your daughter’s crayon drawing to grandma? Upload your latest masterpiece to the web? Show your best friend pattern of your new wallpaper? A flatbed scanner makes it easy. Installing a flatbed scanner is used to be one of the major headaches of the wired world. Not anymore . It’s easy to set up your Mac laptop for a new scanner.

Things you need:

  • Scanner
  • USB – cable or Firewire – cable
  • Mac Laptop
  • Installation CD or downloaded drivers from the manufacturer’s website


  1. Check out the manufacturer’s website for the latest scanner drivers and software. Often, the installation CD does not contain the latest drivers and software. If there is a newer version, you can download the installer and save it to your computer.
  2. Assemble your scanner and set it up, where it will be easy to plug in and connect the USB or Firewire cable to your Mac laptop.
  3. Connect your scanner and power it up. Don’t connect it to your computer yet.
  4. Run the installer on your laptop from the CD or from the installer file you downloaded.
  5. Restart computer.
  6. Connect your scanner to your computer using a USB or FireWire port, depending on your available ports.

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