How to use SCSI and other devices on a USB Mac

Not only has the floppy drive been phased out on newer Macs, but the SCSI port has disappeared, too – replaced by the more versatile USB connection. But if you’re working on an older Mac with SCSI, here’s how to use it.

Things to do SCSI Card For G3 Mac (Adaptec)

USB to SCSI adapters
USB-serial adapter (Keyspan)
IParallel USB Printer Adapter (iMaccessories)
Mac OS 9.0


  1. Buy a USB-to-SCSI adapter.
  2. Connect your SCSI device to the SCSI page.
  3. Insert the USB side into your Mac or USB hub
  4. Driver software for USB-to-SCSI adapter should recognize your peripheral; The driver for your peripheral should still run it.

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