How do you solve a Transfer function?

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Andrea asked 5 months ago

How do you solve a Transfer function?
What is the work around method / step by step / course of action for it?
And do anyone have a matlab script that can solve any transfer function

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Techtuna Staff answered 5 months ago

1) Lapace transformation:
Lapace transform is a operational tool for solving constant coefficients linear differential equations. the solution consist of following processes.
1.Given hard problem is converted into simple equation. using purely algebric manipulations simple equation is solved.
3.The solution of the simple equation is transformed back to obtain the solution of the given problem.
2) MATLAB script that can solve any laplace tranformation
Calculating the Laplace F(s) transform of a function f(t) is quite simple in Matlab all u need to do is, firstly you need to specify that the variable t and s are symbolic ones which is done with command,  >> syms t s
next we need to find function f(t) which is done using command, >> F=laplace(f,t,s)
simplify and pretty, commands can be used to make the expression more readable. example is for function f(t)