Snapchats Hidden Functions

Snapchats Hidden Functions

If you, as one of the many people in the world, have downloaded the Snapchat app on your smartphone, you probably know its smart feature. In short, you take a picture that you can put a little text over, and then send it to your contacts on the app. It’s a smart and fun way to keep in touch with your friends as you can send them small personal photos or videos. However, you can also choose to put your picture or video clip on “MyStory”. If you do this, all your friends will be able to see it, just as you can see if they have done the same. It’s an obvious opportunity to show your friends what to do and see what they’re doing.

However, there are many fun and hidden features that will make you even more fun snaps. Discover how your snaps get smoother, more exciting and wilder as you use these features. We tell you all about the many features that can make your video clips and photos even more creative, so your friends will wonder about all the wild snaps you send them.

What functions?

There are now many different filters, stickers and other things that you can use in your photos and videos. However, there are some brand new and smart ones recently added to the latest updates.

For example, you can use “World lenses”, which is a filter that places objects / stickers in your image when taking pictures with the rear camera. In addition, you can now also send snaps that do not disappear after 10 seconds. You can choose to set them to “infinity”, which lets your snapchat play over and over again.

You probably also know that you can draw on your snaps. Now you can also draw with emojis when you click on the pencil. This way, you can create a personal touch by using your favorite emojis.

If you want to use your favorite emojis for even more fun stuff, you can actually choose which emojis to use with your friends’ names. Go to Settings à Manage. After that, you can choose which emojis you want to use for your best friends, streaks, etc. That way, you can choose for yourself some fun characters that appear, from your snap chat contacts.

Don’t forget the Geofilters

Many people probably think that Snapchat even designs the geofilters that you can use when in various cities. It is not the case. In fact, it is the private individuals who submit it to Snapchat. Then, if approved, it can be put out as a filter.

This can be used for both public events, locations and for more personal things such as birthdays and weddings.

It’s also easy to create your own, there are just a few requirements that can be found on Snapchat’s website. However, if you want to design one on your own device, you can use a good Stylus pen to clarify your lines.

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