What to do if you lose your Phone?

Many have tried to lose their cell phone, but what do you do when it is gone? Read here how to correctly contact the telecommunications company, police and insurance.

Every day, the telecommunications companies receive calls from frustrated customers who have lost their phones either by their own help or stolen by a thief. But how do you behave as a consumer when the phone is gone?

We have contacted a couple of the largest telecom operators in Denmark, and have been told how security is to avoid abuse of one’s mobile.

Below you can read how you should relate when the mobile phone, for example. Suddenly you are in the back seat of a taxi and you are no longer in the car.

Block the SIM card

The SIM card you have been given by your telecommunications company is what ensures that you can use your mobile phone to make calls, send SMS and go on the Internet.

But if your cell phone gets into the wrong hands, an abuse can occur and you can quickly come up with a sky-high mobile bill unless you do something.

Therefore, it is important as the first to call the telecommunications company. Here you provide customer service with their personal information, after which the SIM card is blocked, so it cannot be misused.

The telecommunications company can then send you a new SIM card.

Block your IMEI number

The IMEI number is a unique ID for your particular cell phone, just like a serial number is for many other electronics devices.

The IMEI number is actually an important number to have in case the phone is lost – and it can make the phone unusable for the thief.

The IMEI number is usually found behind the battery in the phone, on the sales box or on the receipt you received from the store where the phone was purchased.

After contacting the telecommunications company and having blocked the SIM card, it is very important that you call the police and report your phone is gone or stolen. And this is where the IMEI number is important to have, as the police need to use the police report number.

The police then sends your IMEI number to a central register called “The Central Equipment Identity Register” (CEIR). The CEIR registry contains millions of IMEI numbers, both the approved (white list) and the blocked (black list).

When the number is on the blacklist, the mobile cannot be used with another SIM card in all the countries where the telecom companies cooperate with CEIR.

The insurance

If your mobile is insured by an insurance company, it is now important that you also report the phone stolen with them, so you can benefit from the insurance and get the mobile phone replaced, and this is where the police report comes in handy.

The insurance company will often like to have the police report so that they can verify your loss.

Should you go back and get your lost phone back and you have been through this operation, please inform the police so that the phone’s IMEI number can be removed from the blacklist.

Then the phone can be used again with a SIM card.

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